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overview of the whole park

This water play area design was made for a 5-star hotel in Ghana.
The area is almost rectangle shaped, located in a busy street, with a main street and another street on two sides of the area.
The client wanted water play equipment mainly for families and children because their main customers are families with kids. Thus we planned two sections for this hotel water play area, one for kids and the other for kids and parents. The two parts are divided by a lazy river that surrounds the family use water play area, and there are bridges connecting these two parts.

kids water play area

parents and kids pool

In the family water play area, we set a huge swimming pool and a family pool with water playground and water slides combination including wide family slide, closed slide, open slide, curved slide and straight slide. The platform height is relatively low, no more higher than 3 meters, and it is a slight slope so that it can meet the needs of a large age group, and increase the use rate of the pool.

water slide

There is a large swimming pool beside where there is no other water play equipment inside so people can swim and parents can see their children even when they are playing in the separate pools.

swimming pool

part view

In the kids water play area, we set a water attraction pool which contains several spray pads equipment and a small water house. And there is a dry playground nearby which made this play area more functional.

water slide and spray

The whole area is surrounded by trees that not only offer sunshade, but also keep this small water park quiet and peaceful, make it a great place for people to relax and flee from the stress of busy life.

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