Water Park Equipment

Two bright colored long twisted wider slides(1m) on the two sides and 3 rainbow abreast narrower slides(0.64m) in the center, either alone or with friends, you can fully experience the pleasant of spinning and speed.
  • Water Playground Equipment

    Water Playground Equipment

    This kind of water playground equipment is a small water playground compared to others, usually installed in a bigger pool, for outdoor. With 2 slides, 4-5 cute splash equipment, a stair, a flagpole and a flag. It is suitable for smaller pools.Read More
  • Kids Water Playground Equipment

    Kids Water Playground Equipment

    The kids water playground is mainly for water parks, installed in the center of a pool, with 3-4 slides and some special designed splash equipment. It is a perfect heaven for summer.Read More
  • Gaint Water Slide

    Gaint Water Slide

    Giant water slide 1. Giant water slide introduction : This water slide is a giant one, with two symmetrical long open slides on the two sides which make it look sublime. Three colorful gentle slope slide and an extra abrupt slope slide will surely make you crazy. 2. Giant...Read More
  • Kids Water Slide

    Kids Water Slide

    Kids water slide 1. Kids water slide introduction : This slides are indoor water slides, so you will never worry about sunburn. There are open slides and closed slides, wide slides and narrow slides, so you can either play the slide alone or together with friends and family...Read More
  • Water Park Slide

    Water Park Slide

    Water park slide 1. Water park slide introduction : This water slide is almost a mini one, with only one side twisted slide and two gentle slope slide, which fit for limited space. Lower height weaken the fear and the risk of getting hurt, which is suitable for younger kids....Read More
  • Fiberglass Water Slide

    Fiberglass Water Slide

    Fiberglass water slide 1. Fiberglass water slide introduction : It is a combination of long rainbow slides with waves and gentle slope, moderate platform height and sharper slope slides with long extension to guarantee safety while enjoying it. 2. Fiberglass water slide...Read More
  • Amusement Park Water Slide

    Amusement Park Water Slide

    Amusement park water slide 1. Amusement park water slide introduction Amusement park water slide include many kinds of water slide, some big water slide like boomerango water slide, big tornado water slide, super bowl water slide, etc, also have the water slide combined with...Read More
  • Used Fiberglass Water Slide

    Used Fiberglass Water Slide

    Used fiberglass water slide 1. Used fiberglass water slide introduction : Large outdoor spiral slide, smooth fiberglass, open slides with long extension, with water or without water, it will give you a mount of joy. 2. Used fiberglass water slide Specifications/ Technical...Read More
  • Hotel Water Slide Use

    Hotel Water Slide Use

    Hotel use water slide 1. Hotel use water slide introduction Hotel use water slide is not specially mean this set of slide, it is just the water slide built in the hotel, it can be large or small, depends on the size of the area. Usually the hotel use water slide include...Read More
  • Swimming Pool Water Slide

    Swimming Pool Water Slide

    Swimming pool water slide 1. Swimming pool water slide introduction Swimming pool water slide is designed for private swimming pool use or public swimming pool use, it is usually customized according to the pool size and the empty space around the pool. For swimming pool...Read More
  • Open Spiral Water Slide

    Open Spiral Water Slide

    Open spiral water slide 1. Open spiral water slide introduction Open spiral water slide is one of the spiral water slide, can be made from 4-13m high platform. R iders use their body to slide, with the water flow impulsion, riders will experience right turn and left turn in...Read More
  • Theme Park Water Slide

    Theme Park Water Slide

    Theme park water slide,it is can be the water slide combination with different types in different height,to provide the water fun for the tourists,and can be used in the water theme park, hotel, resort, residential community, etc.

    Read More
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