Water Park Equipment

Two bright colored long twisted wider slides(1m) on the two sides and 3 rainbow abreast narrower slides(0.64m) in the center, either alone or with friends, you can fully experience the pleasant of spinning and speed.
  • Residential Water Playground

    Residential Water Playground

    Residential Water Playground 1. Residential water playground introduction This water playground contains stairs, sun louver, animal models and fiberglass slides, including open straight slide and twisty tube slide, which give children with different age opportunity to explore...Read More
  • Fiberglass Water Playground

    Fiberglass Water Playground

    Fiberglass water playground 1. Fiberglass park water playground introduction : The bright color of the water playground bring kids a happy mood and the smoothness of the fiberglass make them more comfortable. The giant whale tail water spray and the shark, seahorse and sea...Read More
  • Theme Park Water Playground

    Theme Park Water Playground

    In this water playground, children can not only have fun with the straight slide, S-slide, stairs and spray, but they can also enrich their knowledge of oceanic animals since there are so many kinds of marine animals on the top. It is must a perfect choice to learn from playing.Read More
  • Spray Pads

    Spray Pads

    This kind of spray pads is a rotate splashing, water drops down from the top of the water play equipment, and changes its direction all the time. You will feel like you are standing in drizzle, not hot anymore in summer.Read More
  • Splash Pads

    Splash Pads

    “Clowns are always smiling whatever they meet.” Clown, a comic entertainer, especially one in a circus, wearing a traditional costume and exaggerated makeup. Whenever we see a clown, he is always smiling. Our designer makes use of this element, because they want to bring...Read More
  • Big Water Slide

    Big Water Slide

    This big water slide consists of two bright colored long twisted wider slides (1m) on the two sides and 3 rainbow abreast narrower slides (0.64m) in the center. Either alone or with friends, you can fully experience the pleasant of spinning and speed.Read More
  • Indoor Water Play Equipment

    Indoor Water Play Equipment

    Indoor water play equipment 1. Indoor water play equipment introduction Indoor water play equipment is the water attraction in the water park, this one is like the archway, there are some hole on the arch, the water come out from the holes, players runs into the archway to...Read More
  • Aqua Park Equipment

    Aqua Park Equipment

    The nature are relaxing, when we face it, we can calm down more easily, and release our stress accumulated during long time work or study, which is the reason why we design this kind of aqua park equipment.Read More
  • Aqua playground Equipment

    Aqua playground Equipment

    “It is a hot Sunday in summer, you’re going to a primeval forest. It rains suddenly, but you don’t need to worry about getting wet, you just want to have fun in the forest in drizzle, because you are in swimsuit.” It is the feeling that our forest series water play equipment...Read More
  • Water Playground For Kids

    Water Playground For Kids

    Pirates of the Caribbean is the inspiration of this water playground for kids. We combine the water play equipment with the element of Pirates of the Caribbean. The special design of this water playground conveys us the spirit of “Brave”.Read More
  • Pirate Ship Water Park Equipment

    Pirate Ship Water Park Equipment

    The pirate ship water park equipment is inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean. Most of parents hope their kids to be brave to face difficulties from their young age, and most of kids want to be brave and powerful enough to protect their family and friends. “Brave” is the...Read More
  • Kids Water Park Equipment

    Kids Water Park Equipment

    The kids water park equipment is a big combined water playground, belonging to our colorful series, usually installed in a big pool measuring more than 20*20m, for outdoor. With 4-5 slides, many different kinds of cute splash equipment and 2 stairs.Read More
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