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Two bright colored long twisted wider slides(1m) on the two sides and 3 rainbow abreast narrower slides(0.64m) in the center, either alone or with friends, you can fully experience the pleasant of spinning and speed.
  • Big Tornado Water Slide

    Big Tornado Water Slide

    Big tornado water slide 1. Big tornado water slide introduction Big tornado water slide is the most popular water park slide. S eated together with friends and families in a 4-person raft, your adventure journey will start from a 5-floor-high tower. G oing through a black...Read More
  • Aqua Playground

    Aqua Playground

    This is a water house in the forest, with birds, butterflies, snakes, and trees around you. It is rainy outside the house, you come upstairs to the third floor, listening to the voice of the rain, then hot whether drives you to slide from the top to the swimming pool.Read More
  • Pirate Ship Water Slide

    Pirate Ship Water Slide

    Standing on the board, imaging yourself captain Jack in the movie, you are driving your ship to save your princess and beat the evil. The pirate ship water slide is a special designed water playground, which is inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean.Read More
  • Boomerago Water Slide

    Boomerago Water Slide

    Boomerango water slide 1. Boomerango water slide introduction Boomerango water slide is one of the extreme slide, it is specially designed for guests to experience the rush of different sliding paths. R iders will first experience a steep drop and propelled uphill, then...Read More
  • Super Bowl Water Slide

    Super Bowl Water Slide

    Super bowl water slide 1. Super bowl water slide introduction Super bowl water slide is engineered to combine the excitement of the space bowl and the joy of the closed tube slide in one slide, which is much bigger than space bowl slide, and the difference between them is the...Read More
  • Wave Water Slide

    Wave Water Slide

    Wave water slide 1. Wave water slide introduction Wave water slide is like a big U skateboard. R iders take rafts slide from 12m high platform, will first experience a steep drop and then propelled uphill, just like the rider play the skateboard to repeat steep drop and...Read More
  • High-speed Water Slide

    High-speed Water Slide

    High speed water slide 1. High speed water slide introduction High speed water slide, also called the " freefall water slide " , this kind of water slide tends to be straight forward drops from start to the end, to give a feeling of maximum vertical drop to the...Read More
  • Outdoor Water Play Equipment

    Outdoor Water Play Equipment

    Outdoor water play equipment 1. Outdoor water play equipment introduction Outdoor water play equipment is the water attraction in the water park, this one combined with 6 tipping buckets in different height. The water come from the standing column, and then to each horizontal...Read More
  • Kids Water Play Equipment

    Kids Water Play Equipment

    Kids water play equipment 1. K ids water play equipment introduction K ids water play equipment is the water attraction in the water park, this one is in a funnel shape, the water comes from the water pipe in the stand column, when the water fill up the funnel bottom, the...Read More
  • Outdoor Water Playground

    Outdoor Water Playground

    Outdoor water playground 1. Outdoor w ater p layground introduction The Outdoor Water Playground is very easy to be recognized from far away because it has various bright colors that are kids ' favorites. The water sprays, slides and stairs offer a good choice to drive...Read More
  • Indoor Water Playground

    Indoor Water Playground

    Indoor water playground 1. Indoor water playground introduction It is a small water playground that you can easily place it inside your home pool, so you and your children can either swim or play with the water slide and sprays. And the most importantly, you can enjoy it at...Read More
  • Kids Water Playground

    Kids Water Playground

    Kids water playground 1. Kids water playground introduction : A musement park water playground is an combination for the slide, climbing stairs, water sprayers, and water buckets, provide a play paradise for kids, and brings a lots of fun to them. The bright yellow is the...Read More
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