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Hotel & Resort Play Area Design

Kids Outdoor Play Area for Park

Outdoor playing plays an important role in children’s growing up, it can help children grow more happily, healthily and build their social relationships. Kids outdoor play area is not a must for theme park, public park and preschool.

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Dream Park Colorful World  

Color is a forever theme of design, each color has its own stories and meanings, we usually like to express our emotion and feelings with different colors, sometimes dark colors when we are in high spirits, sometimes bright colors when we are on the way to an expectant future. 

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Sail to the Sea - Children Theme Park  

This theme park is based on the theme of ocean and adventure. We combined the factors of boat, lighthouse, rudder and sail into the design. Thus we created lighthouse outdoor playground, pirate boat outdoor playground, Rudder shape kids swing sets and other outdoor theme park equipment. In terms of color, we mainly focus on dark blue, light blue and white to corresponding to the ocean theme.

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