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Sail to the Sea - Children Theme Park 1

This is the production of COWBOY and another design company. This theme park is based on the theme of ocean and adventure. We combined the factors of boat, lighthouse, rudder and sail into the design. Thus we created lighthouse outdoor playground, pirate boat outdoor playground, Rudder shape kids swing sets and other outdoor theme park equipment. In terms of color, we mainly focus on dark blue, light blue and white to corresponding to the ocean theme.
The ocean theme park is divided into three zones according to the age group, which are the toddler’s zone, the preschooler’s zone and the parent-child interaction zone.

Sail to the Sea - Children Theme Park 2

The toddler’s zone mainly contains small recreational facilities such as whale shaped climbing hills, small boat playground, animal themed spring rockers and educational puzzle learning wall.

Sail to the Sea - Children Theme Park 3

Whale climbing hill - The overall shape of the kids climbing set is a blue whale. The whale's eyes are actually a ground tunnel made of stainless steel where children can pass through. On top of the whale's head, there are some colorful poles. On the body of the whale, there are climbing ropes and climbing holds for kids and also a special slide bar.

Sail to the Sea - Children Theme Park 4

Boat outdoor playground - Small sized but really multifunctional. It contains slide, kids climbing net, swing chair for toddlers and so on.

Sail to the Sea - Children Theme Park 5

The preschooler’s zone consists of the lighthouse outdoor playground and the large ship outdoor playground. This zone is diverse and full of challenges, in line with the age characteristics of older children who love adventure and challenge.

Sail to the Sea - Children Theme Park 6

Lighthouse children play equipment - shaped like a lighthouse, the lighthouse children play equipment is the most notable play facilities in the whole theme park. Four layers of different climbing structures from bottom to top allow children to grow their courage. The second and fourth floors are respectively provided with straight slides and spiral slides so that children can go down on the ground in a few seconds.

Sail to the Sea - Children Theme Park 7

Large ship outdoor playground - This is a one-piece play from the bow to the stern, with wooden ladders, circular ladders and slides on each side of the hull. The bridge between the bow and the stern is connected by a swing bridge, a crawling net and a balance rope. Climbing in the middle of the top two gazebos, the height of four meters makes the climbing full of excitement. The bottom is set with high and low pedals, and children can shuttle at the bottom of the boat.

Sail to the Sea - Children Theme Park 8

The parent-children interactive zone includes the water play area and the swing area, where children and parents can play and rest together to build up a stronger relationship between parents and children.

Sail to the Sea - Children Theme Park 9

Water playing area - Unique design water bike, made of fiberglass. Water will up pumped out when children ride the bike. Educational water play equipment, made of stainless steel, durable and meaningful.

Sail to the Sea - Children Theme Park 10

Sail to the Sea - Children Theme Park 11

Rudder shaped swing area - has the shape of a rudder, this is actually a set up swings with different styles and different sizes for parents and children to play and rest together.

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