• Open Spiral Water Slide

    Open Spiral Water Slide

    Open spiral water slide 1. Open spiral water slide introduction Open spiral water slide is one of the spiral water slide, can be made from 4-13m high platform. R iders use their body to slide, with the water flow impulsion, riders will experience right turn and left turn in...Read More
  • Theme Park Water Slide

    Theme Park Water Slide

    Theme park water slide,it is can be the water slide combination with different types in different height,to provide the water fun for the tourists,and can be used in the water theme park, hotel, resort, residential community, etc.

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  • Closed Spiral Water Slide

    Closed Spiral Water Slide

    Closed spiral water slide 1. Closed spiral water slide introduction Closed spiral water slide , also called the " black hole " , usually built in 4-13m high platform, it is can be built separately or together with the open spiral slide,, rainbow slide in the same...Read More
  • Rainbow Water Slide

    Rainbow Water Slide

    Rainbow water slide 1. Rainbow water slide introduction Rainbow water slide is the classic water slide in the water park. T his kind of slide can be made in 3-10 lanes for 3-10 people to play in competition. W ith the multiple rainbow slide, customers can choose to slide down...Read More
  • Race Water Slide

    Race Water Slide

    Race water slide 1. Race water slide introduction Race water slide is the fixed water slide model. T he height is in 15m, and there are 6 lanes in total, it is consist of two parts, riders will first go through the closed spiral water slide part, then to the rainbow water...Read More
  • Space Bowl Water Slide

    Space Bowl Water Slide

    Space bowl water slide 1. S pace bowl water slide introduction S pace bowl water slide is supposed to create ultimate excitement for players. I t is one of the largest rides for speed riding. P layers experience three different levels of excitement in one slide. S tarting an...Read More
  • Kindergarten Classroom Tables

    Kindergarten Classroom Tables

    This Kids furniture tables are items of happy castle style. They are made up with MDF and steel with high quality and offer 1year warranty. We have devoted ourselves in kindergarten furniture for more than 10 years. Our market covers Europe, Africa and middle East. We are...Read More
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