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What If Our Children Don’t Want To Go To School?
- Aug 31, 2018 -


If our children don’t want to go to school, please don’t be worried or nervous. And you should communicate with others about the reasons why they don’t want to go to school. 

1. Ask our children directly why they don’t want to go to school? Maybe because they are too young, they can’t give us a clear answer. Then, we can provide several choices,such as is it because other children don’t play with you or the teachers have criticized you?

2. Communicate with our children’s classmates’ parents. We can ask them if their children don’t want to go to school, either.

3. Go to the school to observe. To see if it is because the teachers can’t treat them well or the school doesn’t have a good quality.

4. Go to the school to communicate with the teachers. You can try to know what happened to our children. Perhaps, the teachers can’t be able to do a good job, but even if it is the truth, our children have to be independent enough. Or perhaps it is because our home is so warm and so happy that our children don’t want to leave.

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