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The Swing Is Popular With People
- Feb 10, 2018 -

Swing is a game equipment, the long rope is tied on the shelf, under the hanging pedal board, people with the pedal back and forth swinging. Swing is a kind of movement created by the minority nationalities in ancient China. Spring and Autumn period into the central Plains, because of its simple equipment, easy to learn, so deeply loved by people, soon popular in all over. After the Han Dynasty, the swing gradually became qingming, Dragon Boat Festival and other festivals of folk custom activities and spread so far.

The origins of the swings can be traced back to the ancient times hundreds of thousands of years ago. At that time, our ancestors needed trees to pick wild berries or hunt wild animals for a living. In the climb and run, they tend to seize the stout vine, depending on the sway of the rattan cane, on the tree or across the ditch, this is the original shape of the swing. As for the later rope hanging in the wooden frame, the next pedal swing, in the spring and Autumn Period in the north of China.

Swinging is the custom of ancient Ching Ming Festival in China. Swing, which means pulling the leather rope and moving. Its history is very old, the earliest call generations, after to avoid taboo, change to swing. Ancient swing more with tree branches for the frame, and then tie the ribbon made. Then gradually developed into a swing with two ropes and pedals.

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