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The Effect Of Regular Use Of Fitness Equipment
- Feb 10, 2018 -

If the exercise load arrangement is suitable, then the user subjective feeling should be the energetic, the physical strength is abundant, feels comfortable, longs for the movement.

Emotion is the barometer of human health, and it is also a subjective index to weigh the burden of human body. Generally speaking, the body has the need to exercise, when this need is met, people will have a happy emotional experience.

The human body is engaged in the physical training process, its energy consumption is very big. Generally speaking, if the physiological reaction after exercise normal, good health, people's appetite is very exuberant, food intake will be added.

If the body exercise load appropriate, generally should sleep well, sleep very heavy, less dreaming, after awakening feel energetic, in good work and stress state.

If the fitness load is appropriate, in the work and life will be energetic, concentrated thinking, thinking agile, memory clear, strong knowledge, adaptability, confidence, strong living ability.

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