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Selection Of Supine Board In Fitness Equipment
- Feb 10, 2018 -

See if the supine board is easy to shake: If the supine board to buy back or use soon began to appear shaking, it is proved that the supine board of poor quality; The general quality of the sit-ups board will be used at the junction of a variety of anti-shaking design, to ensure the stability of products in use, not only to ensure the effect of exercise, It also addresses consumer concerns about security, and you can look at it clearly or consult some sellers when you buy.

To see if the length and width of the deck is sufficient: horizontal board as the most important part of the whole equipment, its length and width directly affect the use of comfort and efficiency, if the deck is too short, taller friends will be very awkward to use, even can not use, too narrow will affect the feeling of exercise.

Look at the support of the material is reliable: we know that the weight loss of the general weight of the larger, therefore, the support frame of the material will directly affect the load-carrying capacity and durability of the board, the quality of a good supine board generally use high-quality thick thickened steel to manufacture.

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