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Joyful Play Sets And Colorful Life Of COWBOY
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Do you know what children like? Children like to play. Yes, that is right. Children like to play and we, COWBOY, is a company that gives children different play sets and happiness. Here, we have various play items for kids, indoor and outdoor, colorful and natural, so many playground equipment and also water park play sets.    Here, our employees also have a colorful life. Surprises and laughter is always here.Today, we held a lovely birthday party for our colleague. We pretended to invite her for a meeting, when she came to the meeting room, music burst, a bunch of flowers were shown to her, and also a big birthday cake., a special video album was playing. All of us sent our best wishes to her, and she expressed wishes for us and the company. What a surprising day!微信图片_20180723164839.jpg

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