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How To Choose A Preschool Bed
- Feb 10, 2018 -

Toddler bed refers to the professional use of early childhood bed, mainly consider the characteristics of children, corners are designed into a circular or arc, no sharp edges and corners, the use of environmentally-friendly materials, all stacked.

One should be careful to ensure that the bed is stable, there is no risk of collapse. Because this period of children lively, good movement, like in the children's bed jump up and down, for this reason, should regularly check the junction of the bed is firm, especially with metal frame children's bed, screws easily loose.

Second, we must pay attention to the choice of environmental-friendly materials made of bed, the health of children will not cause harm.

Third, to pay attention to the choice of sleeping bed can not be too soft, because the child in the growth period, the skeleton, back column did not fully developed in place, children's bed too soft and easy to cause the skeletal development of children deformation.

Four, to pay attention to the details of the child's bed design, from a security perspective, the children's bed corners are designed into a circular or arc. Parents should fully take into account the child's natural nature, easy to bump injuries, therefore, should choose those without sharp corners, rugged children's bed can not be broken, to prevent children from injury.

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