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Good Student Desk Chair Can Prevent Hunchback
- Feb 10, 2018 -

The high level of student desks and chairs and the high level of students is an important problem that we now face, which will lead to children hunched over. The youth hunchback phenomenon surges, the hunchback not only affects the appearance, but also may cause the spinal joint uneven stress to cause the neck and the shoulder pain in the waist and the back, affects the child's health.

The primary task of reducing the youth hunchback is to correct the bad posture, should take correct sitting posture, long time work furniture, must maintain the upright posture, prevent the cervical spine flexion. We should pay attention to classroom furniture height, guardian and school is the first task is based on the principles of ergonomic choice of school furniture.

At the same time, we must emphasize the room teacher, imparting knowledge at the same time, should pay more attention to student's human body sculpture. Many of our students now have curved backs, some hunchback, but have not yet evolved into disease, exercise is very important, but more importantly, choose the right student desks and chairs.

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