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Cowboy Annual Meeting 2018 Was Successfully Held
- Jan 21, 2019 -

Under great expectation, the Cowboy Annual Meeting 2018 finally came to us on 19th, January.

Early in the morning, everyone started to get busy preparing for it. People ware fancy suit, took photos together.

cowboy group team

The meeting started at 6 in the afternoon. All employees entered into the hall, here all of us sat together and enjoy the food and toast. Blessing videos of all departments were shown on the big screen, employees ate and talked with each other.

The programs began at 7, soon after the hosts announced that, a huge dragon flew towards the stage, cheers and claps arouse from the crowds, it was the dragon dance! More and more people gathered in front of the stage and meanwhile, on the stage, the dance, the singing, the drama, the crosstalk and many other programs came in order.

Every person was so happy, people took photos with each other to memorize this very moment. The children enjoyed a lot in our outdoor playground showroom and the hall. We wish Cowboy prosperity in the next year to come and next year, we will see you again.

cowboy group outdoor playground showroom

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