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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Birch Furniture
- Dec 15, 2018 -

Among the many materials of furniture, birch furniture is very popular. Woodworkers also like birch wood, because birch is easy to process and glue, and easy to bond with adhesive. But birch also has shortcomings too. Let's have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of birch furniture.

P1 Cowboy preschool furniture for reading area--made of birch wood

P1: Cowboy preschool furniture for reading area--made of birch wood

First, the characteristics of birch.

Birch is grown in the northern hemisphere. In China, birch is produced in northeast and north China. The birch wood structure is delicate, soft and smooth, and the texture is soft or moderate. There are many patterns on their roots and burls, so the ancient Chinese often used them to make door cores and other decorations. Birch is divided into many species, among which are red birch, black birch, paper birch, poplar birch, dwarf birch and white birch. The birch annual rings are slightly obvious, the texture is straight and obvious, the bark of the birch is also more flexible and beautiful and smooth, and white or variegated resin has a shiny surface and a smooth mechanism. Birch wood is white, and the heartwood is slightly pinkish ivory or grayish yellow. It is not very durable in a prone to decay environment, more in the form of splints, and is now often used in the construction of structures, parquet and interior frames.

P2 Cowboy Preschool sofa-- made of birch

 P2: Cowboy Preschool sofa-- made of birch

Second, the advantages of birch furniture.

1. In the furniture industry, birch is flexible, more durable and easy to process, the cut surface is smooth, also easy to paint and glue. Therefore, the birch furniture lacquer surface is very smooth and flat.

2. The vein of birch furniture is clear, the annual rings are obvious. It has a strong natural feeling and decorative performance. The pattern of each birch furniture is unique.

3. Birch is usually used for special plywood, furniture, carved parts, decorations and so on. The birch furniture is very popular in the furniture industry for its smooth surface, clear pattern, and artistic feeling.

P3 Cowboy wooden doll pram walker--made of birch

 P3: Cowboy wooden doll pram walker--made of birch

Third, the shortcomings of birch furniture.

1. Because birch is hygroscopic, so it is easy to crack and warp in dry environment. Therefore, birch furniture should not be too dry for indoor environment.

2. The birch furniture fiber has poor shear resistance, is not wear-resistant, so the tensile strength is not so good.

3. Because the birch is juicy, so it is easy to deform after material machining, so it is rare to see  tables and chairs made of all birch. Therefore, people live in damp place should be cautious when using birch furniture, and care should be taken to avoid the cracking of the furniture due to its exposure.

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