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A Wide Variety Of Water Slides
- Feb 10, 2018 -

Rainbow Competition Slide is a kind of very classic water amusement park to play on the slide, many parallel design, you can use the body or floating pad can be started at the same time race. The equipment's participation and interaction is very strong, so that visitors can participate in the game many times, to obtain a happy and enjoyable unique experience.

Spiral Slide is one of the earliest development and commonly used slides, water park Most popular the most classic amusement facilities, almost every water park has a combination of spiral slide.

Big Horn Slide: Tourists glide from the beginning of the platform, fly general rotating into the huge horn-shaped chute, as the tornado sucked in general, give a sense of weightlessness, in the rapid glide in the physical examination like the beauty of the wind, especially suitable for like experience to stimulate the novelty of the visitors to the inside of the horn when awe rise.

Space disk slide: Tourists from higher space, alone high-speed through a 10-meter time tunnel, suddenly rushed to a diameter of a few meters large bowl, but found that dizzy, in many efforts and impact, and finally fell into a deep pool, for visitors to bring unforgettable thrilling thrill through the time and space travel, characteristics suitable for like adventure.

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