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Zitian Kindergarten, Heyuan City Guangdong Province
- Nov 19, 2018 -


Zitian Kindergarten locate in Heyuan City Guangdong Province, which is a very famous kindergarten in the local area. It attaches great importance to Chinese traditional culture and aims to help kids form right values when they are young. According to this characteristic of Zitian Kindergarten, Cowboy designed special calligraphy training room, science room, library, activity room, classroom and washing room for it. We adopt bright colors as main colors, such as yellow, orange, pink and blue, and select different meaningful color for background of different rooms. We also design different type of furniture and toys for kids according to their personality, helping them get used to and distinguish different study and life environment.




For example, in the calligraphy training room, Cowboy combines solemn calm dark color with pure white color together. Such background color helps kids calm down to practice handwriting. In the meantime, we decorate the room with the traditional paper umbrellas and wooden boards hanging above, and design traditional wooden desks and special cushions, building a strong classic atmosphere for kids.


Whats more, we use blue to decorate the boys washing room, and pink for the girls washing room. We also pay attention to the shape of mirrors in it, we designed different mirrors for boys and girls.


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