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Xili International Children Care Center,Jiangmen City Guangdong Province
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Xili International Children Care Center (in Jiangmen City) is located at No. 68 Shuanglong Avenue, Pengjiang District, covering an area of 1039 square meters. The kindergarten is set up in a private garden-like community -- the first phase of Jiangmen Fengshan Waterfront community. The surrounding environment is quiet and elegant, far away from pollution sources, without noise pollution, and surrounded by green belt.


The kindergarten focus on young children. Therefore, our design also focuses on childrens safety and mood and other important factors , and strives to create a safe, warm and interesting growth environment for children. Therefore,for the indoor design, we mainly use warm colors, including lights, tables, chairs, floors, walls, etc., all of which are warm yellow, green and other colors to  make children feel warm.


In the design of furniture,we adopted the round corner design, all the corners of desks and chairs that children can touch are curved, which can greatly reduce children's injuries when they playing games or study in class.



In many decorative designs, we also like to adopt round or curved design. Compared with the square shape, the round shape makes it easier for children to feel more trustworthy and warmer.


For outdoor, we provide a combination of slides and other entertainment facilities for the Xili International Children Care Center, adding fun for the children's outdoor activities, and laying soft artificial grass for the children's outdoor playground to protect the children's safety during their outdoor activities by reducing the risk of childrens falling and bruising.

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