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Waken International Kindergarten (WIK), Guangzhou
- Nov 19, 2018 -


Waken International Kindergarten (WIK) is established and run by Guangzhou Jingtong Education Investment Co.,Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Tianma Group. Located on north of Guangzhou City Construction College, covering an area of about 5000 square meters, the kindergarten is equipped with high-quality facilities from top providers to create a healthy, happy, peaceful and friendly learning environment for the children.

Holistic education is provided to three to six-year-old children to cultivate seekers of knowledge, believer of values and changers of the world, aiming to cultivate young global citizens with world views.


Waken International Kindergarten has a education concept of respect children, release their nature , help children to be the best , adopting social experience and living situation education, making study a interest. And it also has abundant supply of outdoor space and classes to raise childrens confidence in winning at the start point!


In view of the educational concept and teaching methods of Waken International Kindergarten, Cowboy designed a unique outdoor paradise, including large combination slides, double swings, rock climbing facilities, four-person seesaws, balance stakes, crawling, etc, providing an interesting and safe environment for children's outdoor classes.


For indoor, we mainly use yellow, light green, white and other colors as the background color, with a variety of wooden furniture, to create a natural, relaxing life and learning atmosphere for children.


In order to respect the nature of the children, we not only placed the chairs for the children to sit in the library, but also placed a stepped sofa equipped with pillows where children could lie down to rest when they were tired of reading.



In order to help children quickly understand and be familiar with the surroundings, we attach great importance to the use of color. For example, in order to allow children to quickly identify floor and direction information, we distinguish the colors of doors on different floors. In order to let children clearly distinguish between the male and female toilets, we also made a color distinction.

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