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The Pubei First Kindergarten, Guangxi province
- Nov 19, 2018 -

The Pubei First Kindergarten in Guangxi province is the largest full-time public kindergarten in the county. Inspired by nature and designed to experience life, Cowboy adopts the colors of nature such as yellow and green to decorate the whole kindergarten, helping kids get closer to nature and live a more harmonious, interesting life here, helping kids enrich their knowledge, grow up healthily under natural environment.



For outdoor, Cowboy designed and provided a suspension pad runway, large and medium-sized toys, wooden houses, sand pools, fairy streams, sky gardens, plantations, providing an interesting atmosphere for children's outdoor activities. Kids can make new friends and cultivate team spirits quickly by playing games with classmates. Also, they can sit alone in a quiet place to rest if they want to calm down.


For indoor, Cowboy designed sleeping room, cloakroom, washroom, children's health room, multimedia classroom, life experience hall and children's library for it, providing comfortable and safe conditions for children's study and life. Bright and natural color such as green and yellow can help kids keep in a good mood so that they can learn new knowledge quickly.



With complete facilities and beautiful, child-friendly, safe and comfortable environment, the Pubei First Kindergarten has been a very potential kindergarten locally

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