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The Phoenix Theme Park, Qishan, Shaanxi
- Dec 15, 2018 -

The Phoenix Theme Park - Cowboy Project (6)

The Phoenix Theme Park, located in the Zhou Cultural Scenic Spot in Qishan, Shaanxi, is the largest no power theme park in northwestern China. It was designed and created by Cowboy Group and Xiayan Group, with the no power children outdoor playground made by Cowboy.

The Phoenix Theme Park - COWBOY project2

The Phoenix Theme Park - COWBOY project3

The Phoenix Theme Park is inspired by an old Chinese myth of phoenix tweeting in Qishan. The three huge artificial tree house playground with the height of 16 meters takes the main part of the park and this is the most notable and splendid playground of all. The three large treehouse playgrounds combine together to be a large outdoor kids playground. We set a number of stainless steel tube slides on the tree towards to each direction.

The Phoenix Theme Park - COWBOY project4

Long walking path connects the huge tree house outdoor playground, a fortress and other kids outdoor playground structures.

The Phoenix Theme Park - COWBOY project5

Entering the part entrance, you can see a large kids splash park where children can play with their fellows and parents. There are various kinds of water play equipment including fiberglass water spray, stainless steel water and sand play equipment(Archimedes screw, water lock, water wheel, water pump etc)

The Phoenix Theme Park - COWBOY project6

The Phoenix Theme Park - COWBOY project7

In addition, there are many other outdoor park equipment for children, such as terrain slides, kids climber, various styles of kids outdoor slides and so on. So many interesting and multifunctional children outdoor playground and other theme park equipment make this theme park a must-to-go site, it has attracted lots of visitors since its opening.

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