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Shuguang Kindergarten, Wuhan
- Nov 19, 2018 -

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Shuguang Kindergarten in Wuhan was founded in 1952, formerly known as the second nursery school of Wuhan City. In 1976, it was renamed as Shuguang Kindergarten, a directly affiliated institution of Wuhan Municipal Government. As a kindergarten built by the government, it covers an area of 26,095.8 square meters, has 27 classes and more than 1,050 children. Wuhan Shuguang Kindergarten is the largest day-care and boarding comprehensive kindergarten in Wuhan City. The lawn in the park is covered with green trees, fragrant flowers of four seasons.  The green area covers 9133.53 square meters, which makes it the first-class environment, and it is known as the ecological garden-style kindergarten. Also, it is always praised by leaders at all levels, parents and the society.



Recently, Cowboy redesigned the whole layout and decorations for Shuguang Kindergarten, changing the whole kindergarten thoroughly, including dance studio, bathroom, bedroom, library, classroom, activity room and so on. According to the kindergarten's education concept of environment is education, life is education, multiculturalism is education, we designed the theme color based on pure white, with bright yellow, green and blue as the embellishment. The plant elements are integrated into all corners of the kindergarten, to skillfully insert the concept of environmental protection into the children's life and study, so that children can get close to nature and care for the environment from young on.



For example, in the children's bedroom, the bed we designed for the children is a stackable bed with trees as the background. This design allows the child to feel that he is in nature while sleeping. After children wake up, the beds can also be stacked by multiple beds to save space.


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