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Mnar Park, Tangier, Morocco
- Nov 10, 2018 -

Project Name: Mnar Park Water Park

Location: Tangier, Morocco

Area: 20,000 sqm

mnar park 1

The Mnar park is located in Tangier, Morocco, It is a luxury hotel with water park. It is perfect for a good place for people to enjoy a quiet swim, to relax in the sun, to enjoy a peaceful life. It offers rooms and a big water park which was designed and constructed by COWBOY.

The Mnar Park has a big water park for visitors. It contains a big tornado slide, super bowl slide, boomerango slide, free fall slide, racing slide and a super pirate ship water playground and some small water attractions. And there we set guide board written in English, Arabic and French, just for people to better understand. 

mnar park3

mnar park4

mnar park5

mnar park2

The water park was newly built and sicne its opening, it has attractted many people come to visit and experience the water park. Many people heard about it and went there from hundreds of miles away. 

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