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Kindergarten affiliated to Beijing normal university
- Apr 10, 2018 -


Affiliated kindergarten of Beijing Normal University is a large-scale full-time kindergarten founded by the well-known Shizhu Education Investment Co., Ltd. It is located in Binjiang New Town, Jiangjin District. It is located in the Jiangjin Affiliated School of Beijing Normal University. It covers an area of 12,000 square meters and can accommodate 700 children. It is a high starting point, high standard level and high quality kindergarten whose indoor and outdoor design is based on many advanced education concepts at home and abroad.



For indoor, Cowboy designer is inspired by fruits and uses various common fruit colors as the theme color of the whole kindergarten. For the design of decorations in each classroom, we also referred to the shape of some fruits such as lemon and orange.



For example: 

1. Multi-doors design of the activity room. We designed several doors in different colors for children to choose, they can option their favorite color door or according to their moods. This design is also helpful to cultivate children's open-mind thinking.



2. Staircase cabin design. We designed a cabin under the stairs for children to rest, or play games. We give children vacant space to image and do what they like in it.

It hleps the kindergarten cultivate children's curiosity. Such design can also save space for the kindergarten by making full use of every small space.


3. Calligraphy room special design, we used exquisite Grid-like wall decorations, special designed wooden desk and cushions for handwriting. Whats more, large floor-to-ceiling windows can provide ample light source for children to practice their handwriting in a pleasant sunshine.


4. Science room design, with the Milky Way as the background on the top, hanging the sphere symbolizing the eight planets above, helping children to learn astronomical knowledge early and quickly, and cultivating their interest and curiosity in outer space.


5. Natural atmosphere design, the whole kindergarten is surrounded by animal and plant models, so that children may feel closer to nature and know more about nature since their childhood, and develop a friendly attitude towards animals and plants in nature.


For outdoor, we also provide combination slides, voice tube, kids play tunnel, kids crawling and so on to colorful childrens daily life and help them make new friends after class.

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