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Hengxiang Kindergarten, Longhui County Hunan Province
- Nov 19, 2018 -


Hengxiang Kindergarten in Longhui County, Hunan Province, is a high-quality international kindergarten jointly built with the Siniute International Growth Education . The entire park covers an area of over 3,000 square meters. Longhui Hengxiang Kindergarten is also known as five-star kindergarten, castle garden kindergartenand the best kindergarten in the history of Longhui. In order to give children a better space for growth education, Longhui Hengxiang Kindergarten teamed up with Cowboy to carry out ecological garden theme landscape design, scientific and rational layout of children's outdoor activities according to the international park standards to promote comprehensive development of intelligence, perception and physical coordination, and to meet the needs of colorful outdoor activities for young children.


The big forest series slides allow children to experience the natural atmosphere, and experience the fun of climbing, running, jumping and drilling, so that children can grow harmoniously in body, mind and spirit. As the slides look like castles, when climbing up the peak, children may feel like being the offensive warriors, so that it can enhance childrens courage during playing.


Whats more, the kindergarten also have outdoor facilities such as playing sand series, integration series, and music pieces. Playing sand series can bring the children back to nature in one second. Love to play sand is the nature of children, it can let children touch the nature, and greatly enhance their perception. The irregularly distributed sense series products are more in line with the children's pursuit of freshness. As long as the children are fully engaged in it, we wont worry about childrens  sense of dissonance or interest in the kindergarten anymore.



In addition, Cowboy also made the overall design for the indoor classroom for Hengxiang Kindergarten, such as the reading area, multi-function activity area, baking room, art room, maternal and child room, health room, standardized kitchen and so on. Furthermore, the whole park is equipped with central air conditioning system, indoor air purification system, online home breeding system, hand-hold live video online monitoring system, access control attendance safety system, water purification system, UV disinfection system, All above makes Hengxiang Kindergarten an unparalleled regional bench- marking kindergarten.

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