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Green Island Pearl (International) Kindergarten, Foshan
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Green Island Pearl (International) Kindergarten is located in the beautiful Nanzhuang Town, covering an area of 5,280 square meters and a building area of 4,180 square meters. The facilities in the park are well-equipped and advanced, including computer room, reading room, art room, opera room, science room, medical room, conference room and other function rooms, which are all designed by Cowboy. We use yellow, orange and other warm colors as the theme color. For the floor, walls, furniture and so on, we mainly use wood to make the children feel warm and get closer to nature. Compared to ceramic tiles, wooden decoration is relatively safer. If the child falls down during playing games, it can make a slight buffer to alleviate the children's pain.


We designed 12 sets of children's activity rooms for the kindergarten, each set including classrooms, sleeping rooms, separate toilets, children's washrooms and so on; All of those children's activity rooms, sleeping rooms, function rooms, outdoor activities playground can reach the provincial level kindergartens standard.


In addition, we also provided wooden cabinets, teaching toys and other furniture for the kindergarten, which are the base of students study and teachers work, helping the kindergarten to provide superior modern hardware conditions, beautiful and practical environment for children's comprehensive development.


For outdoor, we also provide large projects such as combination slides, suspended floor, sand pools, lawns, plant growing areas, climbing facilities and outdoor swimming pools. And we also designed a unique playground with some common signs for the kindergarten, combining artificial grass with rubber flooring, to help children learn the basics of life knowledge.


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