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Chunmiao Kindergarten, Shenzhen
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Chunmiao Kindergarten, located in Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province, is a high-quality kindergarten, who is dedicated to promoting children's comprehensive development, helping children learn preschool knowledge and develop hands-on skills. Cowboy special designed  dance studio, manual room, science room, role-playing classroom, bathroom and bedroom for the kindergarten. We also provide a large number of outdoor recreational facilities and ground design, such as large-scale combination slides, rock climbing facilities, children's carts, etc.


For indoor, Cowboy mainly uses green, blue, yellow, orange and other children's favorite bright colors as the background color, allowing children to learn and live in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.


Cowboy designed a role-playing area for children, including seeing a doctor area and trading area. By helping children to play the role of doctors and patients, sellers and buyers, helping children adapt to the world of adults, understand basic daily life knowledge and master basic life skills. 




At the same time, there are also manual areas, building blocks area, etc., to help children learn knowledge by entertainment. During the process of children's play, they can develop their hands-on ability, observation ability, and teamwork ability. In addition, we also special designed the layout of science room and dance room for the kindergarten, and provide unique furniture that is matched with different rooms. All edges of the furniture are round, which makes children enjoy study and life in a pleasant and safe environment.


For outdoor, Cowboy designed the climbing facilities and large-scale combination slides for the kindergarten to help children maintain enough exercise after class. It also helps the children to establish friendship during playing games, so that the children wont feel lonely in the strange environment without their parents, and help children grow up healthily both in body and mind.

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