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Akvapark Aray, Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan
- Nov 10, 2018 -

Project Name: Akvapark Aray Aquapark

Location: Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan 

Water Play Items: Curved water slides, Racing slides, Water attractons

cowboy project-Akvapark Aray Aquapark

Akvapark Aray is located in Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan. It includes an aquapark with pools with water slides and attractions, a restaurant and other entertainment and recreational facilities. COWBOY was honored to be chosen as the designer and constructor of their water park. 

cowboy project-Akvapark Aray Aquapark

The Akvapark Aray Aquapark is a water park designed for a big group of people, it can hold up to a  thousand visitors. There are lots of water slides and swimming pools as well as tents with loungers for rest. There is a fifty-meter wide hugh swimming pool in which a great many of people can enjoy the water rides and water games in the fresh air in summer. 

The Park includes restaurant, night club, game pavilion and other entertainment and recreational facilities, and they are quite affordable for most Kyzylorda residents and other visitors. The Akacapark Aray is surely a good place to fresh your summer!

cowboy project-Akvapark Aray Aquapark

cowboy project-Akvapark Aray Aquapark

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