• Aircraft theme kids outdoor park- AVICLUB TOWN
    AVICLUB Town in Jingmen, Hubei is the first large-scale complex in the country that integrates the general aviation industry, new urbanization, and cultural and creative leisure. The town takes aviation culture as its soul and features a geek experience, combining aviation creative experience with urban recreation and entertainment, bringing both science and interaction.
  • Green Island Pearl (International) Kindergarten, Foshan
    The facilities in the park are well-equipped and advanced, including computer room, reading room, art room, opera room, science room, medical room, conference room and other function rooms, which are all designed by Cowboy.
  • Xili International Children Care Center,Jiangmen City Guangdong Province
    Xili International Children Care Center (in Jiangmen City) is located at No. 68 Shuanglong Avenue, Pengjiang District, covering an area of 1039 square meters. The kindergarten is set up in a private garden-like community -- the first phase of Jiangmen Fengshan Waterfront community.
  • Waken International Kindergarten (WIK), Guangzhou
    In view of the educational concept and teaching methods of Waken International Kindergarten, Cowboy designed a unique outdoor paradise, including large combination slides, double swings, rock climbing facilities, four-person seesaws, balance stakes, crawling, etc, providing an interesting and safe environment for children's outdoor classes.
  • Shuguang Kindergarten, Wuhan
    Wuhan Shuguang Kindergarten is the largest day-care and boarding comprehensive kindergarten in Wuhan City. The lawn in the park is covered with green trees, fragrant flowers of four seasons.
  • Chunmiao Kindergarten, Shenzhen
    Cowboy special designed dance studio, manual room, science room, role-playing classroom, bathroom and bedroom for the kindergarten. We also provide a large number of outdoor recreational facilities and ground design, such as large-scale combination slides, rock climbing facilities, children's carts, etc.
  • Hengxiang Kindergarten, Longhui County Hunan Province
    In order to give children a better space for growth education, Longhui Hengxiang Kindergarten teamed up with Cowboy to carry out ecological garden theme landscape design, scientific and rational layout of children's outdoor activities according to the international park standards to promote comprehensive development of intelligence, perception and physical coordination, and to meet the needs of colorful outdoor activities for young children.
  • Wanwujie Kindergarten, Baiyun District, Guangzhou
    Cowboy designed some unique library, small theater, technology exploration room, smart-house, construction center, large rugby field and football field for the kindergarten, and we provide a large number of special designed furniture and outdoor rides for them as well.
  • Zitian Kindergarten, Heyuan City Guangdong Province
    According to this characteristic of Zitian Kindergarten, Cowboy designed special calligraphy training room, science room, library, activity room, classroom and washing room for it.
  • The Pubei First Kindergarten, Guangxi province
    Inspired by nature and designed to experience life, Cowboy adopts the colors of nature such as yellow and green to decorate the whole kindergarten, helping kids get closer to nature and live a more harmonious, interesting life here, helping kids enrich their knowledge, grow up healthily under natural environment.
  • The Phoenix Theme Park, Qishan, Shaanxi
    The Phoenix Theme Park located in Qishan, Shaanxi is the largest no power theme park in northwest China. The most splendid structure in this theme park is the 3 huge tree house playground with numerous stainless steel tube slides. It is really amazing!
  • Akvapark Aray, Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan
    Akvapark Aray is located in Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan. It includes an aquapark with pools with water slides and attractions, a restaurant and other entertainment and recreational facilities.
  • Mnar Park, Tangier, Morocco
    The Mnar park is located in Tangier, Morocco, it is perfect for a good place for people to enjoy a quiet swim, to relax in the sun, to enjoy a peaceful life. It offers rooms and a big water park which was designed and constructed by COWBOY.
  • Curved stainless slide in supermarket in Foshan
    A amazing curved stainless slide in a top grade supermarket.The body of the slide is a lighthouse on the top of which you can see the whole supermarket.It is so wonderful to slide down from the top to the ground within a few seconds!
  • Happy Living Town Outdoor Play Area
    The Lohas Town in Xinxiang, is a vacation resort. It has a wonderful kids outdoor play with large kids climber, a full set of kids sensory park, stainless tunnel on the ground and many corresponding featured decorations.
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