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Dream Park Colorful World 1

This is a theme park for kids, and we want to give kids a colorful dream world, so we choose bright colors to create a dreamy atmosphere. The main background color of the whole park is blue. In kids’ sweet dream, the color of sky and sea is always pure bright blue. In addition to blue color, kids also like green which often stands for trees and grass. Trees and grass are also indispensable elements in a sweet dream.  According to the topography of the park, we use different color at different altitude to teach kids understand the concept of contour line subtly. To create a dream park, we not only pay attention to the background color, but also attach great importance to the color of all the outdoor playground equipment.

Dream Park Colorful World 2

Let’s get close to this dream park together. This park is beside a community, mainly built for kids and their parents living in it, so let’s start from their home.
Supposing we were kids who just finished a whole day study and came back home from school.
It is an ordinary Friday, I arrive home at 18:00. I heard that a new theme park opened recently. It is so close to my home, so that I can arrive there quickly with my dear parents. After a short time walk, we arrive the entrance of the park, there are many trees and beautiful flowers alongside the path. The first thing comes to my eyes is an attractive outdoor playground.

Dream Park Colorful World 3

At the first sight I see it, I run toward to the top of the spiral slide, the slope of the playground is not very steep, I arrive the top easily, and I feel like I am going through a time tunnel, with all the colors flashing. After I slide down to the sand ground, I find a climbing net, some climbing holds and other ways to climb up. I choose the climbing net way to climb higher, and then I slide down from the stainless slide beside it. As I playing the outdoor slide, my parents are doing exercise and talking with each other aside, smiling at me.

Dream Park Colorful World 4

After a while, my father ask me to see other outdoor playground equipment, so I leave this colorful outdoor slide reluctantly. Then we walk down along the soft EPDM flooring, two cute spring rider horse catches my eyes, then I notice the rainbow mini slide and special rotation chair behind them. The rotation chairs are very interesting, I sit on it and my parents turn the direction for me. So exciting!

Dream Park Colorful World 5

Later, we leave the small area, and back to the main part of the park, I see  beautiful stairs with eight kinds of colors, the color match of which is same to the big outdoor slide. Beside the stairs, I also play different kinds of musical instruments and a cute mini elephant slide.

Dream Park Colorful World 6

Unconsciously, we come back to the fantastic outdoor playground, but at this time, I notice different things. I see a rest area where there are two long round seat with two big eight-color flower over our head. My parents choose to take a rest here, and I continue to walk around to find new surprise.

Dream Park Colorful World 7

And then I find a swing set beside the resting area where my parents seat. I like this swing set very much, so I sit on it quickly. My parents come to me after I sit down for a while, they push me slightly to help me swing up and down cyclically.

Dream Park Colorful World 8

Silently, the sky turns dark as I enjoy the playing time. I notice that the whole park has changed a lot. So we leave the swing, and back to the resting area. The color of the umbrella and outdoor slide makes me doubt whether I am in a dream.

Dream Park Colorful World 9

It is a little late, so my mother ask me to go home. I like the colorful outdoor slide too much, so I run to the top of the spiral slide quickly and then slide down again.

Dream Park Colorful World 10

Finally, we leave this dream park, but the memory of our first meet will remain in my heart forever even if I will come back here many times.

Dream Park Colorful World 11

Color is a forever theme of design, each color has its own stories and meanings, we usually like to express our emotion and feelings with different colors, sometimes dark colors when we are in high spirits, sometimes bright colors when we are on the way to an expectant future. We want to give kids a dream atmosphere by adopting many bright colors, and pay much attention to the sunshine in the daytime and the light at night, giving kids much different feeling at different time.
   Every kid may have a dream in which there are green trees, a blue sky, colorful flowers and various animals, prince and princess live happily in the colorful world till the end. That’s what cowboy wants to give the cute kids.

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